"...from the town hall" - 28.07.2023

Dear fellow citizens,

I would like to inform you today about the interesting developments in the village renewal of Kaimt and Merl. In 2021, we started this important process to strengthen and revitalise our communities.

Merl had already been recognised as a "village renewal community" for several decades, but unfortunately the process had stalled due to a lack of initiatives. Kaimt, as an equally charming and close-knit community, had not yet been involved in this village renewal thought and process.

In June 2021, we decided unanimously in the city council meeting to revive the village renewal process for Merl and to have Kaimt recognised as well. To this end, we commissioned the renowned agency Neuland-lenken GmbH from Trier to collect ideas and thoughts for a lively village life and sustainable village development together with the citizens.

In Kaimt as well as in Merl, many committed people were found who worked with great enthusiasm and creativity on an agenda for their district. At a final event in Kaimt, volunteer members of the village community and interested citizens met with the Neuland agency to draw a conclusion.

Two priority areas were already identified in advance: firstly, the banks of the Moselle from the campsite to the motorway bridge and secondly, the area of the old primary schools in Kaimt. The participants in the final event had the opportunity to express their priorities for working on these "problem areas", and the agency will now process these votes accordingly and incorporate them into the final report.

Village renewal does not mean that we immediately implement all measures. It is a continuous process that should be considered over a period of up to 20 years. In this sense, one can speak of the "Agenda 2040". Design and community are central points in this.

Village design is important, but active village life is at least as important. I am very pleased that after the collection of ideas was completed, the village community decided not to remain inactive, but to actively shape and promote village life. Together we want to live in Kaimt and get the best out of our district.

Dorferneuerung Kaimt - Bürger am Fährkopf.
Dorferneuerung Kaimt - Probe des MGV.

A first promising approach took place recently: At the invitation of the working group, Kaimter (and also Zeller) met informally at the Fährkopf in Kaimt. Thanks to generous neighbourly help, tent sets were available for many visitors. The special feature was that there was no catering. Everyone was welcome to bring their own drinks and snacks. Not only local topics were discussed in an informal atmosphere.

The singers of the MGV Lyra moved their rehearsal to the banks of the Moselle without further ado and provided an unforgettable evening full of community experiences with traditional and modern songs.

This is just the beginning of our journey together, and I look forward to shaping the future of our lovable neighbourhoods with everyone. Together we can make our home an even more beautiful and vibrant place.

The next meeting at the Kaimter Fährkopf will take place on 10 August at 6 pm and will be musically accompanied by the duo "Freitag" from Merl. Everyone is cordially invited. Please bring your own drinks and snacks.

The final event of the village moderation Merl took place on 20 July 2023. This will be reported in one of the next "... from the town hall".

I wish you all a pleasant and happy week.


Town Mayor

Hans-Peter Döpgen