Zell Mosel, Collisturm mit Aussicht. © Philipp Bohn

Destinations and points of interest

Places in Zell (Mosel) that you must have seen

In Zell, much revolves around Moselle wine. But the home of the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" also has a lot more to offer. On this page, we have listed some of the highlights among the many destinations in Zell (Mosel) for you.

You can also find information on the sights and interesting facts about the history of our wine town and the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" in the town guide published by Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH.

Market square

Just a few years ago, the market square in the heart of Zell (Mosel) was completely redesigned. Here you will find the "Zeller-Schwarze-Katz-Brunnen" and the town hall with the premises of the Zell town administration and the tourist information. The "Zeller Schwarze Katz" wine festival takes place around the square on the last weekend in June.

Enjoy delicious wines or other drinks in the wine lounge while you look out over the Moselle and the district of Kaimt. A small, beautifully designed stream runs across the square to the fountain. From the market square you can start the Collis via ferrata, the pedestrian zone or the Moselle promenade.

Der Marktplatz in Zell-Mosel mit Rathaus, Katzbrunnen und Weinlounge.

Collis tower

The red-brick "Collisturm" isl located high above Zell (Mosel), from whose viewing platform you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire Moselle loop of the "Zeller Hamm". You can reach the tower via a circular hiking trail or a well-designed steep path.

Tip: From the waving blue flag on the viewing platform, you can see from the valley whether the Collis refreshment station is currently being served!

Der Ausblick vom Collisturm in Zell Mosel. © Philipp Bohn

Round & square tower

The two towers were part of the former city fortifications of Zell (Mosel) and have been preserved to this day. The round tower is a landmark of our wine town that can be seen from afar. The narrow loopholes are still clearly visible today. Around Christmas time, the round tower shines like an oversized candle over the city.

The square tower is only about 100 meters away, but a little more hidden in the side valley of the Zeller Bach. A narrow path leads through the archways of the square tower up to the Zell cemetery and the round tower.

Blick auf den Runden Turm und den Viereckigen Turm in Zell-Mosel. © Inge Faust

Zell castle

The"Schloss Zell" was built between 1535 and 1543 as a secondary residence of the Electors of Trier. The impressive baroque building with its round towers and the beautiful exterior facade is located in the Schloßstraße in Zell, which is named after it. Overall, the building consists of three different wings, which together form an L-shaped floor plan.

Today the Zell Castle is home to a hotel and gastronomic offers. The "Schlosskeller" regularly invites you to various events and partys.

The former synagogue of the city of Zell, which was used until the November pogrom of 1938, is right next to the castle.

Das Schloss Zell, eines der Wahrzeichen in Zell an der Mosel. © Alex Görgen

Timbered house "Boos von Waldeckhof"

On the "Mosel-Hamm-Ufer" in Zell-Kaimt is one of the oldest buildings along the Mosel - the Boos von Waldeckhof, which is now home to the Treis winery. The listed half-timbered house was built around 1600 as a summer residence for the noble family "Boos von Waldeck".

First-class wines from Kaimter vineyards have been produced here for many generations. The farm tavern is open from spring to autumn. From the Boos von Waldeckhof you can take a relaxed stroll through the narrow streets of the picturesque center of Kaimt - a welcome change from the hustle and bustle in the town of Zell.

Das Fachwerkhaus des Weingut Treis in Zell-Kaimt. © Alex Görgen

The cat on the roundabout

The "Black Cat" is omnipresent in our wine town and is encountered by locals and guests alike in different ways. A few years ago, an oversized cat figure was installed on the roundabout in Zell (Mosel).

Since then, the friendly cat has greeted all drivers who drive into the roundabout from the old town of Zell, the district of Kaimt, the Hunsrück or from the direction of Briedel and toasts them with a glass of wine.

Find out more about the history of the "Zeller Black Cat" on the following page:

Die Figur der Zeller Schwarze Katz auf dem Kreisverkehr in Zell-Mosel.


The Marienburg is a former Augustinian monastery. It is unique and picturesque on a narrow ridge at the narrowest point of the Moselle loop "Zeller Hamm" - here the two rivers of the Moselle approach at less than 300 m.

From the Marienburg and the nearby Prinzenkopf tower you can enjoy a unique view over the Moselle valley around our wine town of Zell with Pünderich, Briedel, Bullay, Alf, St. Aldegund and Neef.

Today there is a youth education facility in the building.

Luftaufnahme der Marienburg in Zell mit Pünderich an der Mosel im Hintergrund. © Philipp Bohn