Status report - 28.07.2023

Dear fellow citizens,

On 17.7.2023, the city council met. As part of the agenda item "Questions and announcements", I provided the council with information on various projects in our city. Since unfortunately only one citizen attended the meeting - but the topics are certainly of interest to everyone - I would like to bring them to your attention here as well:

1. extension of Barlstraße from the hospital to the roundabout Fliehburgstraße.

The construction of 4 new blocks of flats along Barlstraße-Süd is about to start.

The developer has submitted the relevant documents for the building project. The building regulations authority of the district administration will make a final decision on the application in the relatively near future, after the authorities to be involved have made their comments.

As soon as these are available, which is expected in the next few days, the construction work will begin. In the process, the section of Barlstraße - South to be rehabilitated will necessarily be driven over for the removal of the excavated soil. In order to avoid damage to a new bituminous surface that has not yet hardened, the work on the road is to be tackled afterwards. The timing of the rehabilitation is therefore still to be coordinated both in terms of dates and traffic.

2. Status of the new development area Kaimt Nord II

The development plan documents from the planning office were received by the VGV last week and are now being prepared for the development plan procedure. The publication of the development plan documents will take place on 21.07.2023. Early participation is planned for the period from 07.08.2023 to 06.09.2023. Parallel to the development plan, the infrastructure planning is to be commissioned. This requires further coordination (including rainwater management) with the VG works and on the energy supply for the area with a cold local heating network (decentralised heat generation with air/water heat pumps by the district works).

3. timetable for the redesign of the Moselle riverbank

The redesign of the Moselle foreshore is being funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate as part of a state programme. Therefore, the approval notices for the funding must be issued before construction can begin. In exceptional cases, the early start of construction can be approved. The redesign of the Mosel forecourt is divided into several individual measures. In a letter dated 4 July 2023, the Koblenz Supervisory and Service Directorate has now approved the applications for early commencement of construction. Thus, the measure can finally be started. Of the individual measures "flood protection / relief car park / redesign of the Moselle forecourt", the first measure to be implemented is the reconstruction of the flood protection. The tender documents for the "flood protection" were handed over to the contract awarding agency on 7.7.2023. The opening of tenders is on 24.7.2023. In August, the "urban core redevelopment" building committee will award the works in accordance with the result of the current tendering process.The city council also approved the tendering of the other two individual measures in its meeting on 17.7.The parts "parking and development / redevelopment of the fairground" will follow in the coming year.

4. status of the new building of the Kaimt day care centre/gymnasium / development plan "Freiwies":

The planning office WeSt has promised that the development plan documents will be submitted immediately. The documents for the development plan procedure will then be prepared; the publication of the development plan documents will take place on 21.07.2023. The early participation is planned for the period from 07.08.2023 to 06.09.2023. Parallel to the development plan, the infrastructure planning is to be commissioned. For this purpose, further coordination (e.g. stormwater management) with the VG works is required.

5. closed cycle path Briedel - Zell

The cycle path below the B 53 directly along the banks of the Moselle is in a very poor state of repair on the section between Zell and Briedel. Especially the sections with steep inclines and declines are dangerous due to the insufficient width of the path. But also the fact that the concrete path body towards the Moselle or the slope there is worn and has an abrupt and unsecured break-off edge poses a high risk of accidents. Finally, weather-related influences contribute to the fact that the condition of the path is increasingly deteriorating. In the recent past, a steadily increasing use of the path, especially by users of e-bikes, has been observed. Against this background and taking into account the fact that several serious accidents, including two fatal ones, have already occurred on the aforementioned section of the path, the cycle path was closed a few weeks ago by the municipality of Briedel and the town of Zell.

The path runs over federal land. The town of Zell and the municipality of Briedel are responsible for the construction, maintenance and road safety for the current use of the path as a cycle path.

The LBM has been planning the extension of the cycle path for some time. At the moment, water law and nature conservation issues are still being clarified; then the coordination procedure will be initiated. According to current estimates, the LBM does not expect the planned construction measures to be implemented for about three years. After completion, the construction obligation is to be transferred to the federal government.

At the meeting with the authorities on 9 May 2023, the representatives of the LBM were urged to push ahead with the planning and to intervene with the authorities involved, pointing out the urgency. A permanent closure of the path on the banks of the Moselle would result in all cycling traffic on this stretch shifting to the cycle path alongside the B 53 road. It was agreed that the cycle path on the Moselle side would be opened after cleaning from Briedel in the direction of Zell. The accompanying cycle path on the B 53 remains open to traffic in the opposite direction. Appropriate information boards and traffic signs have been procured and erected. The Zell-Briedel cycle path has been open again since 12 July. The one-way regulation for the Moselle cycle path is signposted.

6. renovation of the Bullay - Zell-Merl cycle path

The construction measure was put out to tender together with the sewer construction work required to divert the wastewater from the Zell-Barl district to the Zell-Bullay-Alf sewage treatment plant.

Since the cables and pipes to be laid will be located in the cycle path route over a length of approx. 650.00 m, a considerable synergy effect is expected through the joint tender and the overall economic award of all works.

The tender will take place on 27.07.2023. The completion date is set for 30.04.2024.

7. expansion of Bullay "Neumerl"

During the term of office of the mayor of the association of municipalities, Mr. Simon, we agreed with the municipality of Bullay that the association of municipalities would draw up a catalogue of topics to be discussed. This list of topics was drawn up by Mr Simon. Further consultation on the scope and content is still to take place.

8. state of affairs of the pedestrian bridge

On 17 July, a joint meeting took place with the LBM Cochem-Koblenz, represented by the head Bernd Cornely and three other employees, and the VGV, represented by Mayor Jürgen Hoffmann and four other employees as well as Mayor Döpgen.

The situation was discussed in detail, especially from which programme the subsidies can be applied for. The federal funding programme for cycle paths was favoured. The further course of the procedure was discussed with the representatives of the LBM. The LBM assured speedy processing. At one of the next meetings, the City Council will decide on the commissioning of an engineering firm to carry out the work phases: Basic evaluation / preliminary planning / design planning with comparison of variants.

9. timetable for the construction of the new swimming pool

In its meeting of 27 April 2023, the municipal council finally decided on the renovation or replacement of the Zeller Land adventure pool at a total cost of approximately 24 million net.

With regard to the announced federal funding of EUR 6 million within the framework of the 2022 funding call "Redevelopment of municipal facilities in the areas of sports, youth and culture", the necessary application for funding has been submitted in the meantime; however, a concrete approval is currently still pending. It is not possible to apply for early commencement of a measure that is not detrimental to funding. This means that a notice of approval must be received before the construction project can begin.

A construction period of approximately 2.5 to 3 years is assumed for the implementation of the project.

Due to the situation described above, however, no concrete start of construction can be named at present. The necessary building application has also been submitted in the meantime. The city council gave its consent in its meeting today.

10. securing and rehabilitation of rocks in the city area

The offer for the technical supervision of the securing measures in Zell am Friedhof, Bereich Kapertchen, an der Port und Brandenburg by the engineering firm GT Mittelrhein was received by the VGV on 14 July 2023.

The offer includes the technical support and, after examination, comes to a total of EUR 15,721.98 (gross).

Due to the expected investment sum of the required securing work, the VGV will, subject to the approval of the city of Zell (Mosel), commission the procurement consultancy Klaeser to carry out the award procedure.

Afterwards, the city council will have to decide on the bids received.

So much for today's information on various projects in our city

Your Mayor

Hans-Peter Döpgen