Wine & Fun at the WeinKulturNacht

Dear guests of Zell,

On Saturday, I visited the WeinKulturNacht in the town hall together with the wine princess Maya. My fine nose didn't know where to go first. I was totally thrilled by the many great wines and the regional delicacies. Of course, I also took part in the city wine tasting. I'm curious to see who will win this year and whether I had the right nose again. I can already tell you one thing: the 2022 vintage is fantastic.

I tried Belgian chocolate with the matching Mosel wines, mmmmh.... It was delicious and a treat for my delicate palate. Of course I couldn't keep my paws off the vinegars, oils, mustards and dips from the region either, a real treat.

The light wine tasting totally thrilled me, when you realise that your eyes are misleading your nose (not me, of course). The best, of course, are the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" wines - they are playful and lively, like a young cat, and convey uncomplicated joie de vivre. They are surprisingly refreshing and yet wonderfully soft. Each bottle shows itself and its contents from its best side. A pleasure that makes you purr!

I can tell you: anyone who has experienced this event will rave about it for a long time. Perhaps we will see each other next year, on the last Saturday in April, at the WeinKulturNacht 2024.

Your Zeller Schwarze Katz