"...from the town hall" - 14.07.2023

Dear fellow citizens,

Due to the change in the delivery of the "Mittteilungsblatt" and the advance of the editorial deadline, only today a short review of the wine festival of the "Zeller Schwarze Katz":

The revised concept of the first wine festival after many years again on the market square showed that we can celebrate well in the city centre in addition to the future new festival site at the municipal administration on the banks of the Moselle. After last year's closing time of 24.00 hrs, this year we have complied with the wishes of many and have set the closing time at 1.00 hrs and the curfew at 2.00 hrs.

I hope and wish that this extension of time did not lead to unreasonable nuisances and disturbances during the night. In doing so, the main festival of our city should certainly have an extended acceptance.

To all those who have raised this, I say my heartfelt thanks for their understanding.

On the part of the town of Zell, we can state that our guests enjoyed their visit to the wine festival despite the hot weather. In the debriefing we will discuss weak points and try to make it even more beautiful and better next year.

We are also happy to receive suggestions and ideas from the public.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helpers who contributed to the success of the wine festival in any way. Be it through their contributions in planning, organising, setting up and dismantling, or during the days of the festival, they helped in a variety of voluntary ways. Not forgetting the ladies who ensured that the toilets were always clean.

A unique feature of this year's wine festival was that 24 wine queens and wine princesses from seven decades met on the Sunday of the wine festival and were once again introduced to the numerous audience by presenter Karlheinz Weis.

Visit from China

An unusual delegation visited our city.

Mayor Yan Shiying of the city of Shifang in the Chinese province of Sichuan was accompanied by her city leaders, consisting of the Director of Foreign Affairs, the Director of Development, Reform, Future and Technology and the Director of Economy and Information.

Shifang is a large city with 430,000 inhabitants in the southwest of China.

At the reception, the representatives presented their city and the economic opportunities. In an intensive exchange, the possibility of a tourism cooperation or wine export to the Sechuan region was discussed. The visitors were very enthusiastic about Zell, its wines and the landscape. Together with the managing director of the Zeller Land Touristik GmbH, Yannik Jaeckert, it was discussed with the guests that we first want to examine the topic of tourism with Shifang and the Sechuan region as well as economic cooperation. Economic cooperation is possible in the wine trade, among other things. Shifang is a leader in the southwest of China in the cultivation and processing of tobacco, the production of food and beverages, high-end appliances, chemical products and is an essential part of the Giant Panda National Park.

In conclusion, Mayor Shiying said:

"We believe the wine of the city of Zell (Mosel) and the cigar of Shifang are a perfect combination. Shifang, a city of wonders and opportunities for sightseeing, investment and business development; where you can create a bright future together with us."

Interested parties from the wine, trade, industry and tourism sectors will find a wide range of opportunities here. We would be happy to provide more information about Shifang and the local administration. Please contact us for more information.