Drohnenbild der Weinstadt Zell an der Mosel. © Philipp Bohn

Guided tours, walking tours and much more

Discover Zell and surroundings

In Zell (Mosel) you have countless possibilities to organize your free time and your vacation. Discover our wine town, for example, during a guided tour, which, by the way, is also offered in Dutch or English!

Or take part in the popular town tour with our "Riwigmännche" and learn interesting facts and bizarre stories from the past from the town ghost of Zell.

Adventure wine tastings, Segway or mountain bike tours are of course also possible in Zell and the surrounding area. Discover these and other offers now on the website of Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH:

Rundgang mit dem Riwigmännchen in Zell an der Mosel.

Town guide Zell (Mosel)

Would you prefer to explore the town of Zell (Moselle) on your own? Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH has put together an interesting route for a short tour through our wine town in a town guide.

On this route you will discover the most important sights in the town center of Zell (Mosel). The town guide also has some interesting facts about each stop along the way.

In addition to the route for the tour, you will also find a list of other sights and destinations in the town guide and learn interesting facts about the history of the town of Zell and the "Zeller Schwarze Katz".

Drohnenaufnahme der Kernstadt von Zell Mosel. © Philipp Bohn


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